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What support services does Heartland Dental offer?

Heartland Dental empowers supported doctors with opportunities to achieve financial growth and a new work-life balance by providing:

  • The nation’s best CE and leadership training and a dedicated education department
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Best-in-class purchasing methods and negotiated pricing
  • Proven experience in supporting dental office systems and processes, including increased resources and support services to assist with marketing, office operations, recruitment, information technology, human resources, and payor relations.
  • An enhanced team of finance, legal, compliance, technology, and call center support.
  • Additional outreach support from recruiting to find staff and talented doctors for supported dental offices.

What are the benefits to being a Heartland Dental supported doctor?

We are excited to share the benefits of being a Heartland Dental supported doctor. At the core of our support model is our doctor-led culture and business model that ensures you are a leader in the practice with clinical autonomy. Further, Heartland Dental supported doctors are encouraged to learn and offer expanded procedures – supported by strong CE opportunities and a network of peer doctors to learn from.

As a Heartland Dental supported doctor, will I have the ability to run my practice as I do today?

Heartland Dental deeply values doctor autonomy over day-to-day operations. Heartland Dental supported doctors gain access to our network of supplies, vendors, and partners and will have the opportunity to purchase services at discounted rates through Heartland Dental. However, these decisions are decisions for the doctors to make. Doctors have complete clinical independence.

How does Heartland Dental support hygiene goals for their supported practices?

Heartland Dental and its supported dental practices have a great hygiene mentoring program. Every region has a regional hygiene mentor who partners with the director and sub-regional mentors to work with supported doctors and supported office team members.

Do Heartland Dental supported doctors have a say in office hours and how long they need for appointments?

Heartland Dental supported doctors make all clinical decisions, including operating hours and scheduling practices.

How do supported doctors and hygienists work together in Heartland Dental supported offices?

Doctor/hygiene partnership is important across Heartland Dental supported practices. In fact, we featured a few doctor/hygienist teams in our Spring 2022 Smiling Magazine – The Doctor Difference. You can access a digital copy on

How does hygienist compensation work at Heartland Dental?

Heartland Dental supported hygienists receive a guaranteed hourly base pay with opportunities for annual pay increases, along with potential to bonus based on care provided and the total performance of the office. In addition, Heartland offers comprehensive benefits with medical, dental, vision, and life insurance along with 401(k) retirement savings and paid holidays.

Photo of Dr. Niedziela

Dr. Jeffrey Niedziela

Heartland Dental Supported Doctor, ForwardDental

My practice recently affiliated with a PC supported by Heartland Dental. We continue to provide the same quality care we always have, but with Heartland Dental’s support we have new growth models to better care for our patients, our teams, and our communities.

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