A Vision For The Future

At Heartland Dental, our vision is to be a world-class company and the leader in dentistry. We believe our industry can become a more rewarding and valuable place for our supported doctors, patients and professionals.

It’s why our leaders encourage fresh thinking and service that goes above and beyond expectations. They are determined to create a positive environment where our team members can do their best work.

This vision, plus clear communication and good old-fashioned, roll-up-the-sleeves hard work are the key tenets that drive us forward and set Heartland Dental apart.

Our Mission

To support doctors and their teams as they deliver the highest quality dental care and experiences to the communities they serve while providing exceptional careers and creating value for our stakeholders.

Core Values

Our values support our mission and sustain us as we work to ensure the success of our supported doctors and their teams. They unite us in our purpose and are what our colleagues, affiliates, and partners can expect.

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We strive for mastery through constant and never-ending improvement and by putting the success of our supported offices first.

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Honesty, integrity, and transparency help us maintain a healthy work environment. We strive to do the right things for the right reasons.

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We deliver world-class processes, systems, and efficient change by remaining open, positive, and mentally flexible.

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We promote work-life balance, create safe and supportive environments, and give back to our communities.

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We work hard and smart together, always promoting inclusion and diversity.

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We prioritize gratitude, camaraderie, and joy in the success of others.

Leadership Team

Great leaders should bring out the best in those around them. That’s why we are committed to building a strong, fair, and effective organization for all employees and team members supported by Heartland Dental, our partners, and our communities.

Male business professional in a light blue shirt and dark blue jacket against a light brown background

Founder & Executive Chairman

Dr. Rick Workman

Dr. Rick Workman founded Heartland Dental in 1997 to introduce dentists across the country to the highest quality non-clinical administrative support.

Male business professional in a white shirt and charcoal jacket against a light brown background

President & Chief Executive Officer

Patrick Bauer

An integral member of the Heartland Dental family since its infancy, Patrick Bauer brings more than 25 years in dental and healthcare operations management to the company.

Male business professional in a white check shirt and grey sweater against a light brown background

Executive VP, Chief Financial Officer

Travis Franklin

Travis Franklin has been involved with numerous facets of the company since 2004, lending his expertise anywhere from business development to finance to sell- and buy-side advisement.

Female business professional in a maroon business suit against a light brown background

Executive VP, Chief Operating Officer

DeAnn McClain

DeAnn McClain joined Heartland Dental as an accountant in 1997. Now, more than 20 years later, as Executive Vice President of Operations, she supports the field and clinical teams.

Male business professional in a pale pink shirt under a dark blue sweater against a light brown background

Executive VP, Chief Growth Officer

Mark Greenstein

Mark Greenstein joined Heartland Dental in 2015, first as its Executive Vice President of Strategy & Development and since 2019 as Chief Growth Officer.

Female business professional in a black and white checkered jacket against a light brown background

Executive VP, Chief Marketing Officer

Stacy DeWalt

Stacy DeWalt joined Heartland Dental in 2021 with 25 years of leadership experience spanning public and private equity environments in financial services, gaming, education, and tech.

Male business professional in a pale green windowpane shirt against a light brown background

Executive VP, Chief Information Officer

Craig Kabbes

With more than thirty years of experience in the healthcare industry, Craig Kabbes joined Heartland Dental in 2014 and is responsible for building teams that provide technology and call center capabilities.

Executive VP, Chief Human Resources Officer

Kirsty Leyland

Kirsty Leyland joined Heartland Dental in 2022 as Chief Human Resources Officer. Kirsty brings a deep expertise with more than 20 years of HR experience in Global HR Transformations and large HR Shared Services organizations. Her strong focus on Operations and Organizational Change Initiatives expands the dental industry and beyond.


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In the world of dentistry, achieving the prestigious Fellowship and Mastership Awards from the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) is a remarkable accomplishment. This year, Heartland Dental proudly celebrates the outstanding success of the supported doctors who were recognized for their exceptional dedication and expertise at the AGD's 2023 Convocation Ceremony held in Las Vegas.
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“My Heartland” Community Viewing

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This July Heartland Dental hosted a special viewing of the documentary “My Heartland” in Effingham, Illinois at the Effingham Performance Center. Over 650 people joined, eager to witness the inspiring journey of the Heartland Dental’s inception with its Founder and Executive Chairman, Rick Workman, DMD and other leaders and partners.  
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