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A De Novo is a modern dental office built in some of the most desirable locations around the country. Each is researched and vetted to ensure there is a strong community need for dental services. Every De Novo is a blank slate for supported doctors to develop a unique office, team, and culture. Heartland Dental collaborates with one of its supported practices to build, equip, and open the facility. Then we pave the way for your success by providing opportunities for mentorship, leadership training, and continuing education. You’ll also get patient marketing and administrative support from our non-clinical team.

Why De Novo

Clinical Independence & Strategic Support

Launching a new dental practice is both exciting and daunting for any doctor. The investment and complexity are massive, and there’s no guarantee of success. There’s a better way—a path that allows experienced doctors and new graduates to enjoy the benefits of entrepreneurship without as many risks. De Novo offices remove uncertainty by giving supported doctors and their teams the assistance they need in an environment engineered for success. It’s a bold step forward for the dental industry and an accessible solution for every motivated doctor.

Step Into a De Novo

Explore The Future Of Dentistry
Each De Novo office has its own unique name, logo, and brand, but these state-of-the-art dental offices share common traits:
  • Convenient locations with plentiful parking
  • Attractive front office and welcoming reception area
  • Spacious operatories and surgical suites
  • Sterilization area with generous storage
  • Modern technology including a Digital Pano and iTero scanner
  • Private offices and a large break room

Is a De Novo Right for You?

New Opportunities & Rapid Growth

Opening a De Novo office is a journey. First, Heartland Dental assists one of its supported practices in matching you with the right location. Then we guide you through a custom onboarding and continuing education track. You’ll learn how to leverage Heartland’s proven dental operation systems and patient communication tools as you develop a style that is unique to you. Finally, our marketing team helps you line up a full patient schedule and provides ongoing support as you grow.

Experienced Doctors

Transform your career with De Novo
Whatever your personal career goals are, opening a De Novo office can be a path to achieving them. You can start fresh in a prime location – but without shouldering the full burden of building a team and a patient base. Relocation assistance may be available. Leading a De Novo office allows you to provide the best possible care to patients without the headaches of management.
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Future Doctor Leaders

Starting up is hard. De Novo makes it easy.

Dr. Stacie Bentley

You’re ready to launch your career and maximize your earning potential. A De Novo office requires no investment on your part. It provides the freedom to help build something unique, continuing education opportunities to develop your clinical skills, and support and training opportunities before the practice opens. While your De Novo office is being prepared, you’ll also have the option to work alongside another supported doctor at their office.
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Education & Development

Doctor Leader Track I
Heartland Dental understands that learning is a lifelong pursuit. Our year one doctor track offers a carefully cultivated series of courses across dentistry, business, and leadership designed to support your personal and professional growth. You’ll gain hands-on clinical experience and enjoy mentorship from experienced supported doctors, as you learn the systems, processes, and applications that will help you hit the ground running.
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Research & Development

Engineered For Success
Every De Novo office is a deliberate enterprise backed by comprehensive research and data. Heartland Dental collaborates with supported practices to build the facility in areas strategically chosen for their potential and then supported doctors lead the office and develop their teams.
  • Locations with high demand for dental services
  • Built in high-traffic areas near popular amenities
  • Broad patient base in highly desirable U.S. markets
  • 2 to 3 doctors per De Novo office

Upcoming De Novos

Opportunities Nationwide

Our footprint is growing! Heartland Dental supported De Novos will soon open in some of the most desirable locations in the country.

Map pins show the city and state (but not the specific street address) of upcoming De Novo offices.
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