Dental Hygienists

As a dental hygienist, you are an integral part of a dental office’s team. You are passionate about oral health and love to help patients achieve brilliant smiles. Heartland Dental supported hygiene providers are well-versed in the latest preventive dental care and always seek to grow their skills and knowledge through continuing education. And you'll work alongside an expert dental team while advancing your career.

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PTO / Holidays

Vacations, sick leave, and mental health days are critical. Supported practices choose to observe six paid holidays annually and allow all full-time team members to accrue at least two weeks of paid time off per year.

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Health, Vision & Dental

Excellent dental care is (of course) part of the Heartland Dental benefits package for hygiene providers. It extends to your family as well. Heartland Dental and our supported practices also offer several health plans, as well as prescription, vision, and life insurance coverage.

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Financial Benefits

We want supported hygienists to thrive and stay with the Heartland Dental support network for the long haul. We offer guaranteed base salaries, clear tracks for promotion, bonus opportunities, access to flexible spending accounts for dependent care, and Traditional and Roth 401(k) plans.

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Work-Life Balance

Doing your best work for your patients is rewarding, but there’s also more to life than your career. At Heartland Dental, we strive to create an environment that encourages you to thrive inside the office and out. Our teams work hard and play hard, so we offer annual incentives, including the chance to win prizes and trips.

I would recommend Heartland Dental to any of my hygienist friends. My experience here has been nothing but wonderful and I want them to feel the way that I do. Passionate about what you do. Passionate about your team and excited to wake up every day and come somewhere you enjoy working. "

Pamela Lorenzo, RDH

Lake Nona Family Dental, Florida

One of the significant differences that struck me about working in a Heartland Dental supported practice versus a private practice is that it’s truly a partnership between doctors and hygienists - working together to achieve a common goal. This was so eye-opening because, as a dental hygienist in private practice, I had little to no involvement with the doctor."

Sylvia Hazel, RDH, EDDA

Regional Hygiene Mentor of Operations

Heartland Dental truly supports the hygiene profession, which is huge. I love that Heartland Dental invests in each supported practice. I am super passionate about preventative dentistry, and they really give me all the support I need to take the best care of my patients.”

Lauren Lukitsch, RDH

Sundome Crossing Dental Care, AZ

Most important to me is that my values and Heartland Dental’s values are aligned. All the systems are wonderful, but the bottom line is that the patient comes first and that’s what I signed up for. I signed up to take care of patients and I love that Heartland Dental has this ‘say yes’ support mentality. Of the many things I love about Heartland Dental, I’d take it back to the values.”

Caitlin Stephens, RDH

Regional Hygiene Mentor of Operations

Career Growth

Continuing Education

As a member of our dental hygienist community, you will have access to resources only an industry leader can provide. Beyond 200+ hours of continuing education credits, we offer dedicated mentoring programs, leadership training, and opportunities to develop into management or support office roles.

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Giving Back


When you join the Heartland Dental family, you’ll discover rewarding new opportunities to support your community. From sponsoring the local tee-ball team to Free Dentistry Days, Heartland Dental supported offices are committed to giving back to the people and places around them. And as a hygiene provider, you’ll make a direct impact on community health and well-being.

Dental Hygiene Students

Are you a student or recent graduate ready to start your career? Mapping your journey can be a daunting task, but at Heartland Dental, our campus recruiters are here to make it easy. From leadership summits and interview prep workshops to doctor mentorship programs and resources you need to thrive personally and professionally, we support you through it all.


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    by Heartland Dental on December 9, 2021 at 6:14 pm

    Learn why the hygienist-dentist partnership is critical to oral health and office success, and how you can strengthen your partnerships. From outside the dental industry, many may not understand the partnership between dentists and hygienists. To most, dental hygienists are the people who clean our teeth, and nothing more. However, in reality, a high-functioning dental office knows that a hygienist’s role is much more than that. Hygienists are providers, and when utilized to the fullest capacity, they are periodontal therapists—they use their education and skills to support the whole patient, and the patient’s whole health. 

  • What is the Job Outlook for Dental Hygienists?
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    One thing is certain: Dentistry is a growth field.  And even in a solo practice, dentists don’t work alone: Dental hygienists provide many of the critical services (like cleanings, x-rays, and periodontal maintenance) that patients need for optimal dental health. In fact, most patients spend far more time with their hygienists than they do the dentist when they come in for their cleanings. 

  • 3 Lessons My Patients Taught Me: A Hygienist’s Perspective
    by Carol White, RDH, BASDH on May 15, 2019 at 4:00 pm

    What led me to dental hygiene when I started my career 30 years ago, is not what has kept me here. I became a hygienist because I wanted a career that would offer flexibility in hours as well as compensation that would provide me with the ability to support myself, if and when necessary throughout my life. Little did I know the passion I would develop for this profession, thanks, in a large part, to the patients I have been lucky enough to treat. But, what surprised me even more than that is the lessons they have taught me.