A World-Class Support System

Heartland Dental was created by a dentist, for dentists - a support system of exceptional professionals who give you the opportunity to focus on your true passion in life: your patients. We are committed to giving supported dentists the tools and resources they need to successfully obtain an optimal work-life balance, a task so many dentists struggle to maintain.

Our dedicated team members offer a wide variety of non-clinical administrative services, helping you focus on your patients and gain the personal and professional flexibility you’ve always imagined.

With our added support, newly affiliated offices see an average 6% revenue growth within the first year of partnering with Heartland Dental, and that number jumps to 17% after 3 years.

Heartland Dental Affiliations
Be a dentist again with Heartland Dental

Your Mission is Our Mission 

By affiliating with Heartland Dental, you’ll become part of a vast network of dental professionals, giving you the opportunity to share ideas, encouragement, and camaraderie, all while working together toward the same cause: a commitment to optimal dental care and supportive, positive experiences. 

What are the characteristics your practice needs?

  • Over $800,000 in collections annually.
  • At least 5 chairs or room to grow.
  • A location in an attractive, well-populated community.
  • Open, positive and flexible doctors who are going to continue practicing for at least two more years.

Renew Your Freedom

At Heartland Dental’s Home Office, a wide variety of support professionals are aligned under the same goal – alleviating your non-clinical responsibilities and offering you the resources needed to advance.

  • Not sure how to communicate your office brand to possible patients? Our marketing team can offer proven techniques and strategies.
  • Tired of spending extra time crunching numbers for your office? Let our accounting professionals help provide accurate data and reporting.
  • Need up-to-date technology and support in your office? Our IT team can implement cutting edge technology and provide the support to go along with it.
  • Need help building and growing an all-star team? Our HR and recruiting teams are experienced and trained to do just that.

Those are just a few of the services and opportunities available with Heartland Dental. By taking advantage of our full array of non-clinical support, not only can you focus on dentistry again, but you can take your level of care and leadership even further.

  • Human ResourcesHuman Resources
  • AccountingAccounting
  • MarketingMarketing
  • Dental Lab NegitiationsLab Negotiations
  • LegalLegal
  • SuppliesSupply & Equipment Procurement
  • Information TechnologyInformation Technology
  • PayrollPayroll & Credentialing
  • Doctor and Team EducatiomDoctor & Team Education
  • Team ReruitingTeam Recruiting
  • MetricsMetrics
  • Site Selection and ConstructionSite Selection & Construction Management

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Recieve fair value for what you have worked hard to build and secure stability for your team
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Heartland Dental Orientation takes place in your own office! Our orientation leaders come to you, making this a personal experience for you and your team.
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A Process Tailored to You

It can take as little as 60 to 90 days to complete the affiliation process. The length of time is tentative to what feels most comfortable for you. While you are the commander of this process, our Affiliations Team is available to support and guide you. They will ensure you stay informed, and they are readily available to answer any questions or concerns you encounter as you progress through this transition. 

When the affiliation process is complete (congratulations!), you and your team will undergo Heartland Dental Orientation. In order to guarantee each newly supported office receives the necessary information, we bring this session to you! Our orientation leaders will travel to your supported office, making this a personal experience for you and your team. 

During HDO you’ll discover Heartland Dental’s history, detailed information about how we support you and your teams, and a better insight into our mission, vision and proven systems. With our orientation leaders on-site, our hope is that you and your staff will learn together, strengthening your relationship as a team. Throughout this session, feel free to interact with one another and your orientation leader, as well as ask any lingering questions. 

Throughout the affiliation process and beyond, we are here to support you in making your goals a reality. 

Connect With The Affiliations Team

Working within designated territories across the country, our Affiliation Team travels near and far to educate dentists on the benefits Heartland Dental offers. They build relationships that benefit both Heartland Dental and affiliating offices and locate doctors that share our philosophy. To learn more about affiliation opportunities, contact the Affiliations team at (855) 452-7600.

View The Affiliation Team

Roger Childerson

Affiliations Team Manager

Scott Wiedman

Business Development Representative

Brent Anderson

Business Development Representative

Karl Utz

Business Development Representative

Darren Rennels

Business Development Representative
Annette Summerall

Annette Summerall

Business Development Representative

Mike Walker

Internal Business Development Representative

Lance Douthit

Internal Business Development Representative

Amanda Bannister

Business Development Support Representative

Kris Ramey

Business Development Support Representative

Amy Hoffmeister

Business Development Support Representative

Justin Wendling

Vice President of Affiliations

Jeff Ungrund

Internal Team Supervisor

Jared Hammerschmidt

Affiliations Support Supervisor

Frequently Asked Questions

Heartland Dental FAQs

A: Heartland Dental is a dental support organization. We recognize that there are stresses associated with the business and management aspects of dentistry, which is why we want to alleviate those concerns for you. We offer support for all your non-clinical and administrative duties, such as accounting, payroll, marketing, credentialing, and much more. When we take care of these important and necessary tasks, you’ll not only have the opportunity to focus solely on delivering high-quality patient care, but you’ll have much more time for your personal life.
A: We support over 750 supported offices in 34 states located throughout the U.S. If you’d like to find an office near you, have a look at our Find a Supported Location page and enter your zip code.
A: One of the ways we grow is by affiliating with existing dental offices. Through affiliation, the doctor and the entire staff team up with us for a win-win solution. Another way we grow is through a “De Novo” or “scratch-start” office that we build from the ground up. For these offices, our recruiting teams work with supported doctors in order to build new dental teams.
A: There are a few ways we differ ourselves from other dental support organizations.
  • Your patients come to see you and your team – not Heartland Dental. Most other DSOs are branded across all offices; Heartland Dental supported offices are locally branded.
  • Heartland Dental is a doctor-led and doctor-driven company completely focused on helping doctors attain all of their professional and personal goals.
  • We grow our business through De Novos and affiliations, while some others only grow through opening new offices.

Heartland Dental Affiliation FAQs

A: There are four main characteristics that we look for:
  • Over $800,000 in collections annually.
  • At least five chairs or room to grow.
  • A location in an attractive, well-populated community.
  • Open, positive, and flexible doctors who are going to continue practicing for at least two more years.
A: Heartland Dental affiliates with very successful offices that have achieved much success on their own. Therefore, we see no reason to come in and change everything. We expect that our proven business systems will result in higher returns; however, supported doctors remain the clinical leaders of their practice, and our support ensures their business processes and systems are efficient.
A: Doctors choose to be supported for many reasons:
  • Their large offices can be too overwhelming for a single person to manage.
  • They're tired of running the management side of a dental office.
  • They had failed associateships that leave doctors with no succession plan.
  • They need a long-term exit strategy that provides stability for their office and team.
  • They've grown their offices as large as they can on their own and realize that they need a partner to continue growth.
A: We assure you that we won’t do anything to affect your team; we want your team to stay intact. We don’t want any of your team members to go backward in terms of pay or benefits. As we affiliate with highly successful dental offices, we don’t want to risk tarnishing that existing success by over-regulating supported doctors and their teams.

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