Diamond Trusted Supplies and Labs

Supplies and labs can represent nearly half of an office’s controllable expenses. Managing this cost could increase your office’s profitability, and you and your team’s income. With Diamond Trusted Supplies and Labs, Heartland Dental offers cutting edge products and technology at world-class pricing, providing our supported doctors with the opportunity to provide the highest level of patient care without breaking the bank. In fact, newly affiliated practices regularly save 40%+ on average when they utilize Diamond Trusted Supplies and Labs.

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All of our diamond trusted supplies and labs are clinically vetted by doctors like you who use these products in their practices. By joining our community, your collective buying power is simply unmatched.

Diamond Trusted Supplies

A complete catalogue of more than 3,000 clinically vetted, high quality dental supplies at pricing you’d expect when supported by the nation’s largest DSO.

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  • Free, in-office personalized consultation
  • Budget & inventory best practices
  • Support from clinically trained professionals
  • Efficient ordering through Dentira, an easy-to-use digital platform
  • One-stop shop across multiple manufacturers
  • Price comparisons
  • Real-time inventory & order tracking

Diamond Trusted Supplies are selected by a Clinical Council, a team of deeply experienced supported doctors who facilitate ongoing product trials by engaging other supported doctors to provide feedback. The Diamond Trusted Supplies list is constantly evolving, and all supported doctors are welcome to participate in the feedback process.

Success Stories

“We participate with Diamond Trusted Supplies and Labs. It helps us keep overhead costs down without compromising quality.”

Dr. Prita Ghosh

Heartland Dental Supported Doctor

Diamond Trusted Labs

A partnership with 3 industry-leading lab networks, including 6 single-location labs, 2 high-end aesthetic labs and 1 ortho lab

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Higher quality: Digital workflows increase quality and reduce remakes to less than 3%; full suite of implant and implant support services available.

Faster turnaround: An approximate in-lab turnaround time of one week or less for crowns & bridges.

Better value: World-class pricing options for lab products and services you’d expect from the nation’s largest DSO.

Vigilant security: All Diamond Trusted Labs have been vetted on their data security controls and their provision of indemnification to help protect information, the practice and patient.

Protection: Diamond Trusted Labs are vetted financially to help ensure they can invest in the best fabrication and teams over the long haul.

Success Stories

“With Diamond Trusted Labs, I get excellent quality and service. Any issues are immediately addressed.”

Dr. David Hurst

Heartland Dental Supported Doctor