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The Doctor Difference

Heartland Dental is not your typical Dental Support Organization. Our affiliated doctors retain clinical autonomy in their practices. We provide dentists, hygienists, and non-clinical team members with world-class non-clinical administrative and operational support to help them achieve sustainable professional and financial growth.

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Your success is our passion. Wherever you are in your career, we’ll help you achieve a healthy work-life balance in a position that’s right for you. Select a role to see how.

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Success Stories

“I have never been part of an organization that wanted so badly for their people to be successful.”

Kristen Salisbury

Heartland Dental Supported Hygienist

“I don’t think of it as a DSO relationship. There are simply good people at Heartland Dental who really want us to be successful and provide good patient care. They know if we’re successful, they’re successful.”

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Affiliate Program

Supercharge Your Independence

Enjoy true clinical independence with Heartland Dental support so you can focus on what matters most: patient care.

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Empowering Doctors Like You
  • The freedom to focus on your practice
  • Exciting opportunities to grow your practice
  • Complete non-clinical support team
  • More time for family, friends, and hobbies

Success Stories

“Heartland Dental made me a better leader, a better visionary.”

Dr. Michael Badger

Heartland Dental Supported Doctor

“Heartland Dental took the stress. They took a lot of burdens off me that, frankly, were making me unhealthy. Affiliating with Heartland Dental made me a better communicator, a better leader, a better visionary. With Heartland Dental, I was able to start planning and set goals about where I wanted to be, professionally and personally.”

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About Us

The Doctor Difference

Whether you’re looking to become a supported doctor or advance your dental career, Heartland Dental and its supported professional corporations can help you thrive.

Our Roots

Welcome To Heartland Dental

Dr. Rick Workman

Founder & Executive Chairman

We began as a small group of like-minded doctors who wanted to build quality practices in the communities we love. Several decades later, we have a network of more than 2,400 incredible supported dentists across the country. I am proud of the collaborative environment in our supported offices and look forward to a bright future in the industry. I hope you will consider joining the Heartland Dental family.

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Giving Back

The Heartland Dental Foundation

Corporate responsibility is a foundational value of Heartland Dental and our affiliates. In collaboration with the Heartland Dental Foundation, we provide unique dental service support to drive positive impact in the communities where we live, work, and serve.

Giving Back

Trusted Partners

We work with the leading brands in the dental industry to help ensure that our supported offices get the best support, services, prices, and professional supplies.

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In The Heartland

Take your professional career to the next level with the latest news, trends, insights, and perspectives in the dental industry.

Heartland Dental Blog Heartland Dental Supports Dental Practices With Education, Collaboration, & Quality Care. Learn More About Us & Find A Supported Career Perfect For You.

  • Heartland Dental Announces Doctor Difference Brand Campaign
    by Heartland Dental on July 27, 2022 at 1:00 pm

    For Immediate Release: 

  • Heartland Dental Announces Strategic Investment in 123Dentist
    by Heartland Dental on July 12, 2022 at 10:00 am

    Heartland Dental Announces Strategic Investment in 123DentistHeartland Dental’s first investment outside of the United States to help develop one of the largest dental support organizations in CanadaHeartland Dental will share a full suite of world-class, non-clinical support capabilities with 123Dentist, a complementary doctor-led, patient-first organization

  • Supporting Your Team with Heartland Dental
    by Heartland Dental on June 14, 2022 at 2:00 pm

    As a dental practice owner, you’re well aware of all of the obligations that come with operating your business. It’s more than just patient care that you’re focused on—you’re involved with everything from staffing toinventory management to marketing. Being short-staffed can further divert your attention away fromyour practice’s growth strategy as you tackle recruitment, interviews, and onboarding. It’sunderstandable if you’re feeling overwhelmed with growing your practice, but rest assured thatHeartland Dental can be by your side to support you as your team and practice grows. Growing your team Practices that affiliate with Heartland Dental have access to a variety of services that help them growtheir teams without disrupting patient care. To be successful in today’s hiring market, it’s vital to beactively seeking and recruiting potential candidates, opposed to waiting for them to apply on their own.Our Recruitment team supports you behind the scenes for your practice, continuously seeking outclinicians and connecting them to opportunities that they might not have otherwise found. This teamexcels in assisting you to provide candidates with the best possible hiring experience by sharing the truevalue of joining a Heartland Dental supported practice and providing world-class communication fromthe initial conversation to the in-person interviews. A solid experience combined with meaningfulincentives, like competitive pay and comprehensive benefits, has proven successful in today’s toughhiring landscape and allows our supported doctors the opportunity to experience moreclinical independence.