Does Doctor-led Make a Difference?

You may be asking this question. Is there a difference? Do you have to struggle on your own?

Yes, there is a difference.  It’s the Doctor Difference.

Over 25 years ago, Dr. Rick Workman and his team of doctors set out to help each doctor be the best they can be. Empowering doctors and their teams to raise the standard of care and helping them achieve their professional goals.

That’s why Heartland Dental protects a doctor’s clinical independence – no treatment or schedule quotas, and no forced product endorsements.

Heartland Dental supports something bigger than a single practice, joint venture, or partnership. It’s a network of local community practices, world-class operational systems, and access to university level, third-party accredited continuing education in advanced dentistry. It’s access to industry-leading compensation from practices, the best payor relations team in dentistry, and leading-edge technology, labs, and supplies. 

All supported doctors can purchase stock in Heartland Dental – stock that has outpaced the S&P 500 and paid doctor-shareholders equity 6x over the course of our 25-year history. It’s proof that when we win, we win together.

It all adds up to providing patients the best care and creating new opportunities for our supported doctors. It’s doctors helping doctors be the best they can be. That’s the power of Heartland, and that’s the power of us.

Statements related to financial gain coming from stock purchases are based on examples of past results. The concepts in these statements are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied.