Supporting Your Team with Heartland Dental

As a dental practice owner, you’re well aware of all of the obligations that come with operating your business.

It’s more than just patient care that you’re focused on—you’re involved with everything from staffing to
inventory management to marketing. Being short-staffed can further divert your attention away from
your practice’s growth strategy as you tackle recruitment, interviews, and onboarding. It’s
understandable if you’re feeling overwhelmed with growing your practice, but rest assured that
Heartland Dental can be by your side to support you as your team and practice grows.

Growing your team

Practices that affiliate with Heartland Dental have access to a variety of services that help them grow
their teams without disrupting patient care. To be successful in today’s hiring market, it’s vital to be
actively seeking and recruiting potential candidates, opposed to waiting for them to apply on their own.
Our Recruitment team supports you behind the scenes for your practice, continuously seeking out
clinicians and connecting them to opportunities that they might not have otherwise found. This team
excels in assisting you to provide candidates with the best possible hiring experience by sharing the true
value of joining a Heartland Dental supported practice and providing world-class communication from
the initial conversation to the in-person interviews. A solid experience combined with meaningful
incentives, like competitive pay and comprehensive benefits, has proven successful in today’s tough
hiring landscape and allows our supported doctors the opportunity to experience more
clinical independence.