Heartland Dental Partners with Supported Practices to Host Free Dentistry Day Event

More than $1.5 million of Free Dental Care provided to 4,036 Patients across 211 Supported Offices with Help from Supply Partners


Enhance Your Career with the Doctor Mastery Program

A deep commitment to education is a core tenant of the Heartland Dental support model. Heartland Dental assists supported practices in providing this educational opportunity to Supported Doctors. The Doctor Mastery Program (DMP) takes our commitment to educational support even further. This unprecedented educational program is designed to allow Supported Doctors to focus on building their leadership skills while learning about the business of dentistry.

Open to all Heartland Dental Supported Doctors, this comprehensive 5-year program opportunity consists of clinical and business training, facilitated by leading clinicians and industry experts, that enables Supported Doctors at every level to become the definitive leader in their area and grow their practice by leaps and bounds.

The DMP helps participating Supported Doctors earn a Fellow or a Master’s of the Academy of General Dentistry

Supported Doctors who choose to participate in the DMP gain education and real-life experience by completing a Foundation Track, along with optional interest-driven tracks that include:

IV Sedation
Surgical & Implant
Advanced Restorative & Occlusion
Advanced Orthopedics & Orthodontics

In addition to clinical training opportunities, Supported Doctors will receive access to training in management, mentorship, and leadership, establishing a pathway to true professional development throughout their career

A Masterful Approach to Continuing Education

At Heartland Dental, we are driven to honor Supported Doctors by helping them build mastery at every step. We believe that providing opportunities for our Supported Doctors to stay on top of the latest technologies and most advanced techniques helps them deliver the best patient care. Heartland Dental assists supported practices in providing and making available educational opportunities to support doctors.

That’s why we offer each Supported Doctor immediate access to more than 200 hours of world-class
continuing education and training opportunities. Widely regarded as the best in the dental industry, these opportunities are often cited by both new and experienced doctors alike as the number one reason to join Heartland Dental.

Heartland Dental Announces Doctor Difference Brand Campaign

For Immediate Release: 

Heartland Dental Announces Strategic Investment in 123Dentist

Heartland Dental Announces Strategic Investment in 123Dentist
Heartland Dental’s first investment outside of the United States to help develop one of the largest dental support organizations in Canada
Heartland Dental will share a full suite of world-class, non-clinical support capabilities with 123Dentist, a complementary doctor-led, patient-first organization

Supporting Your Team with Heartland Dental

As a dental practice owner, you’re well aware of all of the obligations that come with operating your business.

It’s more than just patient care that you’re focused on—you’re involved with everything from staffing to
inventory management to marketing. Being short-staffed can further divert your attention away from
your practice’s growth strategy as you tackle recruitment, interviews, and onboarding. It’s
understandable if you’re feeling overwhelmed with growing your practice, but rest assured that
Heartland Dental can be by your side to support you as your team and practice grows.

Growing your team

Practices that affiliate with Heartland Dental have access to a variety of services that help them grow
their teams without disrupting patient care. To be successful in today’s hiring market, it’s vital to be
actively seeking and recruiting potential candidates, opposed to waiting for them to apply on their own.
Our Recruitment team supports you behind the scenes for your practice, continuously seeking out
clinicians and connecting them to opportunities that they might not have otherwise found. This team
excels in assisting you to provide candidates with the best possible hiring experience by sharing the true
value of joining a Heartland Dental supported practice and providing world-class communication from
the initial conversation to the in-person interviews. A solid experience combined with meaningful
incentives, like competitive pay and comprehensive benefits, has proven successful in today’s tough
hiring landscape and allows our supported doctors the opportunity to experience more
clinical independence.

Pat Bauer Named One of Incisal Edge’s Top 32 Most Influential People in Dentistry

Pat Bauer Named One of Incisal Edge’s Top 32 Most Influential People in Dentistry

5 Ways to Improve Your Dental Hiring Strategy

It’s no secret that hiring dental professionals has been difficult for quite some time, and the COVID-19 pandemic notably sparked a labor shortage for dental hygienists in particular.1

Operating your practice with an understaffed team not only makes it difficult to see a full schedule of
patients, but also may result in you and your practice manager being stretched thin as you focus more
on hiring than patient care.

The good news is, dental employment shows a bright outlook. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor
Statistics, from 2020 to 2030, the job outlook is on track to grow faster than average for both hygienists
and dental assistants, meaning you could see a new surge of interest soon.

Looking to improve your hiring strategy to make the most of an encouraging employment outlook?
Here are five strategies to consider implementing into your recruiting efforts:

Heartland Dental Releases Year to Date Growth Results

Heartland Dental Releases Year to Date Growth Results

Reality #3: The Supply Chain Directly Affects Your Staff and Patients

Blog Series: Top 3 Supply Chain Realities In 2022 and How They Affect Your Bottom Line

In this series of 3 blog posts, we discuss the state of the supply chain in 2022 and what you can do to navigate challenges and protect your bottom line.


It’s virtually impossible to have a conversation about supply chain realities without taking the time to consider the actual people who are involved on both sides of the supply management process. In our previous two posts, we examined how supply chain price hikes and lab relationships affect your practice and ultimately your bottom line. Now, It’s important to consider how both your staff and your patients can be directly affected by your procurement process. Whether you are doing the bulk of  the supply work or you delegate these tasks to your staff, the more time spent on ordering and procurement means less time spent chairside, which can put your bottom line and, more importantly, your patients at risk.

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