Dr. Rick Workman

Founder & Executive Chairman

Heartland Dental Founder & Executive Chairman Rick Workman
Founder & Executive Chairman

Before founding Heartland Dental, Dr. Rick Workman was a typical Midwestern boy from Ingraham, IL – a small town with a net population of 247. Growing up on a farm, he was sure about two things: he didn’t want to live on the farm forever and he wanted to own a red corvette someday! After graduating from dental school, Dr. Workman opened his first office, housed in the big city of Effingham, IL (population: 12,000). His initial marketing tactic was a $15 hand-painted sign in the front yard. Fifteen months later, he opened another office and spent 55 hours a week at the chair and an additional 30 hours on the business side of dentistry. He knew there had to be a better way for himself and future dentists. Twelve years later, Heartland Dental was born. Today, Dr. Workman continues to be involved with the company as Executive Chairman. He is always finding ways to encourage and support others - from making charitable donations to offering leadership advice. Beyond spending time with his wife Angie and their four children, his two favorite past times are playing golf and adding to his extensive car collection (yes, he eventually did get that red corvette!). 

Grew Up On A Farm

Has A Car Collection

Was A DJ in College
  • Rick Workman Founder & Executive Chairman Heartland Dental

    Dr. Rick Workman

    Founder & Executive Chairman

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