In a Heartland Dental supported practice, you lead with full clinical autonomy. You choose what services to offer, what payor networks to join, and which labs and supplies to use. You make the treatment decisions, and you lead your team. We simply provide non-clinical administrative support to make it easier and more affordable.

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Specialty Denstists

Specialty Support

Put your skills to work and achieve your goals faster with our non-clinical administrative support. In a Heartland Dental supported practice, you will enjoy full clinical autonomy, flexible scheduling options, an industry-leading compensation package from your supported practice, and access to our full suite of support services.

Payor network negotiation expertise

Digital software to streamline the transfer of provider referrals

Broad mentor networks, including fellow specialists

Assistance with administrative services, such as payroll, IT, accounting, and more

Two photos of pecialist Dr. Magdalena Carolan. One facing forward with arms folded, the other relaxed and smiling.

Success Stories

“Heartland Dental’s motto is that it’s a doctor-led culture, and I believe that wholeheartedly.”

Dr. Magdalena Carolan

Heartland Dental supported orthodontist

“I make all the choices when it comes to clinical care of my patients. Where Heartland Dental comes in and excels is with support buying supplies, providing technology, and giving us the tools to educate our staff and become much more successful.”

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Connect to Something Greater

In a Heartland Dental supported practice, you’ll become a member of one of the largest networks of dentists and specialists in the world. We are uniquely positioned to create opportunities for knowledge sharing and collaboration that can help you build your referral network, ensure a full schedule, and deliver continuity of care for patients.

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2,700+ supported doctors
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80% of supported general dentists actively refer patients for specialty care
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1,700+ supported offices in 38 states and D.C.

Partnering For Growth

Built by a doctor for doctors over 25 years ago, Heartland Dental’s support model is uniquely qualified to help you achieve mastery in a dental practice. Heartland Dental leadership, operational teams, and supported specialists meet monthly to enhance our specialty support model and meet the evolving needs of the industry.

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With a supported practice, you’ll get access to proven systems, processes, and support to achieve office growth and increased patient flow.

  • Office growth strategies
  • Marketing support designed to grow the specialty patient base and manage patient communications
  • Business and leadership development training for you and your team
Two photos of pecialist Dr. Magdalena Carolan. One facing forward with arms folded, the other relaxed and smiling.

Success Stories

“One of the benefits of being a specialist supported by Heartland Dental is getting access to a seemingly unlimited source of referrals from their very large general dentist network.”

Dr. Daniel Kim

Heartland Dental supported periodontist

“I believe a Heartland Dental supported practice is the best choice for any specialist because its support model focuses on doctor training, growth, and education.”

Supporting Doctors in Six Specialties

We support offices across America offering Oral Surgery, Endodontics, Pediatrics, Orthodontics, Prosthodontics, and Periodontal Services, as well as General Dentistry. In a Heartland Dental supported practice, you will have access to mentorship and collaboration opportunities with dentists to build a strong referral network and enhance your craft.

  • Access to the latest technologies, including CBCT scanners, ultrasonics, and microscopes
  • Ability to run several operatories and hire multiple dental assistants
  • Access to a broad and diverse patient base that can include adults and children
Dr. Lynne Brock portrait

“Having practiced Endodontics with support from another DSO and in private practice, two things stand out to me. First, the close network and camaraderie of specialists and general dentists. Second, the clinical autonomy and access to high-tech equipment that help me deliver superior service and care to my patients.”

Dr. Lynne Brock, Heartland Dental supported endodontist

Oral surgeons in blue scrubs performing surgery
  • Access to CBCT scanners, implant systems, and in-office sedation equipment
  • Ability to run several operatories and hire multiple dental and surgical assistants
  • Support securing hospital privileges for both doctor and office dental assistants
Dr. Michael Oladubu portrait

“The leadership team at Heartland Dental has prioritized the specific needs of specialists—listening to us, encouraging feedback from us, and seeking win-win solutions to help us grow our practices and succeed.”

Dr. Michael Oladubu,Heartland Dental supported oral surgeon

Person with braces smiling
  • Access to quality appliances and Invisalign® for bite correction, iTero® scanners, panoramic machines, cephalometric x-rays, and Ortho2 software

  • Opportunity to run several operatories and hire multiple ortho assistants
  • Ability to have an assigned treatment coordinator
Dr. Michael Magdalena portrait

“Affiliating with Heartland Dental gave our practice access to incredible technology, marketing support, and a general dentist network that has let us grow in a way we weren’t able to before.”

Dr. Magdalena CarolanHeartland Dental supported orthodontist

  • Access to quality equipment and technology, including iTero® scanners for patient education, Invisalign® and laser therapies

  • Pediatric Dental Anesthesia Associates (PDAA) services available to enable complex procedures to be comfortably and safely done in-office
  • Ability to run several operatories and hire multiple hygienists & dental assistants
  • Support securing hospital privileges for the doctor and dental assistants
Dr. Amy Getz Miedziela portrait

“Heartland Dental systems, like morning huddles, make our day run so much smoother. We can plan for the kids—even if kids don't typically follow a plan.”

Dr. Amy Getz NiedzielaHeartland Dental supported Pediatric Dentist

  • Access to the best and latest technology, including iTero® scanners

  • Ability to run several operatories and hire multiple dental assistants
Dr. Adam Ostrand portrait

“I continue my growth as a specialist with Heartland Dental support. I get access to equipment, techniques, and continuing education—all of which let me deliver the highest quality of care to my patients.”

Dr. Adam OstrandHeartland Dental supported prosthodontist

  • Access to industry-leading ultrasonics, implant systems, and tissue lasers
  • Ability to run several operatories
  • Support recruiting and hiring multiple hygienists and dental assistants
Dr. Ryan Wolff portrait

“Whether it's a CBCT or a dental laser, Heartland Dental invests in our practice to ensure we're able to provide the very best care to our patients.”

Dr. Ryan WolffHeartland Dental supported periodontist

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