Success, achievement and advancement all start with the right people. People with passion. People willing to go the extra mile. People who never settle for average.

Success, achievement and advancement all start with the right people. People with passion. People willing to go the extra mile. People who never settle for average.

Supported Offices Give Back

Each year hundreds of Heartland Dental supported dentists and teams go above and beyond to serve those in and around their communities.

Corporate Responsibility

A significant driver in upholding philanthropy as a priority is Founder and Active Executive Chairman, Dr. Rick Workman. Dr. Workman understands the importance of giving back and has supported many organizations and worthy causes.

Free Dentistry Days

Free Dentistry Day

Free Dentistry Day was created to provide aid to the growing number of adult Americans who can't afford dental services. Last year, over 5,500 patients were given free dental care and more than $3,000,000 in free dentistry was provided by dentists and their teams at events nationwide.

People who are unable to visit the dentist miss out on preventative dental care that could greatly help both their oral and overall health.

Untreated dental problems don't simply disappear on their own; instead they continue to spread - possibly causing:

    •  issues such as tooth loss, periodontal disease and misaligning of teeth.

    •  the need for lengthy, expensive dental work to correct these problems.

    •  severe health issues stemming from periodontal disease, such as heart disease, diabetes and oral cancer.

With Free Dentistry Events, people who can't regularly visit the dentist can improve the quality of their health!


My Free Smile

My Free Smile

A beautiful smile is key to making a great first impression. Even before you speak, your smile says so much about you that words cannot. Unfortunately, many people wake up every day unhappy or ashamed of their smile. This negatively affects their self image, career and life in general. My Free Smile was created to help these individuals who dream of a new smile but have no means to obtain it.

Participating offices are holding My Free Smile giveaways, helping chosen candidates enjoy not only smile makeovers, but complete hair and clothing makeovers as well. A bright new smile is aesthetically pleasing, but smile makeovers also positively impact oral health. Untreated, tooth decay and periodontal disease can lead to more severe issues such as tooth loss. 


Heartland Dental Foundation

Heartland Dental Foundation

The Heartland Dental Foundation Economic Hardship Program helps Heartland Dental supported dentists, team members and support professionals who are experiencing economic hardship and are unable to afford housing, utilities and other basic living needs because of a qualified disaster, life threatening illness or injury, death, or other catastrophic or extreme circumstances beyond the individual’s control.

More than $100,000 in financial assistance grants have been provided to numerous team members since the Foundation’s inception in 2018. The Heartland Dental Foundation operates through generous donations, with 100% of gifts going directly to those experiencing hardship.

To learn more about the Foundation, read testimonials of some of those who have received assistance, or to access an application, please visit www.heartlanddentalfoundation.org.

Heartland Dental Foundation