Leave the books to the bookkeepers. Our accounting team will make your balance sheet a breeze.

Leave the books to the bookkeepers. Our accounting team will make your balance sheet a breeze.

Focus on Patients, Not Numbers

You didn’t go to dental school to be an accountant or bookkeeper. Let our accounting professionals help keep your numbers in line. We have several teams dedicated to this are:

Management and Information Systems

The management and information team (MIS) is responsible for all accounting responsibilities. They prepare and provide financial reports to the offices and field administration. This includes monthly and quarterly financial statements, monthly and quarterly bonus calculations, daily tracking forms and Measurement and Performance Systems (MAPS). They also handle cash management, which includes but is not limited to, setting up and maintaining the bank accounts, credit cards and financing companies for all supported offices. 

Accounts Payable

The accounts payable department is responsible for paying the bills for all the expenses supported dental offices incur. They are also responsible for switching over utilities and other accounts into our name for supported offices and setting up new vendor accounts for new start up offices. In addition, they process all expense reports, postage requests and patient refunds for payment. 

Insurance and Receivables – Accounts Receivable

The accounts receivable department assists supported offices with any accounts receivable needs, including anything from correctly charging and collecting day of service to helping calculate any necessary adjustments once insurance has paid. 

Insurance and Receivables – Credentialing

The credentialing department is responsible for credentialing supported dentists and offices with insurance plans that they participate with. They will send reminders regarding their license, CSR, DEA, and malpractice insurance renewals. They assist with questions on EOB’s and insurance participation. 

Insurance and Receivables – Insurance/Fee Schedules

The insurance/fee schedules department is responsible for the data entry and maintenance of all supported office fee schedules, insurance fee schedules and payment tables. They will assist with questions on fees, insurance plans, treatment plans, procedure codes and EOBs. The team negotiates with the insurance companies to receive the best reimbursement for each office.

Heartland Dental Accounts Payable